Friday, September 25, 2009


Richard Foreman returns to The Public Theater with his newest piece, IDIOT SAVANT staring Willem Defoe. Below are early production photos...


Written and Directed by Richard Foreman
Featuring Willem Dafoe, Joel Israel, Alenka Kraigher, Elina Löwensohn, Eric Magnus and Daniel Allen Nelson

October 27 - December 13

Marie asks the Idiot Savant, “But what makes chosen words – magic?” What follows is a wild theatrical odyssey that could only have sprung from the fantastical mind of Richard Foreman (THE THREEPENNY OPERA), New York’s legendary avant-garde genius. This new work is a philosophical comedy, in the great tradition of Ionesco and Preston Sturges. From precise existential and metaphysical acrobatics, to a ridiculous game of inter-species golf with Giant Duck, IDIOT SAVANT is a fresh, bracing and hilarious exploration of the boundaries of the legitimate.

For Tickets & Info: Click Here or call 212-967-7555

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David said...

Saw a dress rehearsal. It is profoundly bad.