Monday, November 16, 2009


While Melissa James Gibson's new play, THIS, at Playwrights Horizons doesn't have the avant-garde bravura of her two previous offerings in NYC, [sic] and Suitcase it still is a brave and important new American play. How it will be received by the press and the theater-going public is anyone's guess. Playwrights grow and mature, but so do audiences. Would, for example, Suitcase, be a breakout success today? Was this playwright just "ahead of her time"? Has she matured or acquiesced? Only time and the NY Times will tell, I guess.

THIS is the story of four long-time friends (and a hot French doctor). Jane has lost her husband and Marrell and Tom have a newborn that doesn't sleep for longer than fifteen minutes at a time and Alan just wants to "do good". The production is comfortably directed by long-time collaborator, Daniel Aukin and the cast works about as well together as a five person juggling team. Jane was originally to be played by Parker Posey, but I can't imagine this play without Juliane Nicholson whose simple, understated performance draws you in all the more. Gibson's writing is smart and intricate and the play is wise and funny. Don't miss it.

Now - December 13th
Playwrights Horizons - Mainstage
For Tickets & Info: Click Here

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