Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Fringe Encore Series Productions

The productions that will be part of the 2010 Fringe Encores Series have been announced.

They are:

Getting Even With Shakespeare
How My Mother Died of Cancer, and Other Bedtime Stories
PigPen Presents: The Nightmare Story
Over and Over
The Twentieth-Century Way
Saving Throw Versus Love
Hearts Full of Blood
Amsterdam Abortion Survivor
Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories
The Hurricane Katrina Comedy Festival
Lost and Found
BUNKED!: A New Musical
Just In Time - The Judy Holliday Story
POPE! An Epic Musical
Jurassic Parq: The Broadway Musical
When Last We Flew
The Secretaries

Viva Los Bastarditos!

For Dates, Times and Tickets fo to:


Barbara Peters said...

I highly recommend Saving Love versus Throw. I laughed the whole time! I'm definitely going to bring my friends to see it!

Anonymous said...

LOST & FOUND was incredible... my wife and eye laughed and cried our asses off!

LynnOsbourne said...

"Getting Even With Shakespeare" was HILARIOUS! I wanted it to stop being funny because my sides hurt from laughing. I took my husband (who isn't a theatre nerd like me) and he loved it just as much. Go see it!!

Anonymous said...

Run, don't walk to GETTING EVEN WITH SHAKESPEARE. So clever, so smart, and side splitting hilarious, performed by a spectacular cast- every one of them!