Saturday, December 08, 2012

2013 COIL Festival

January has become THE most important month for contemporary performance in NYC.  Under The Radar, COIL and American Realness festivals have made January hot.

Let's take a look and what COIL is serving up this year.


Influenced by James Whale’s Frankenstein films, Radiohole explodes the tumultuous and tragic life of Mary Shelley.

Half Straddle/Tina Satter

Writer/director Tina Satter draws on Chekhov’s letters, translations, and perverse sense of comedy to consider anew the darkness, beauty, and history of Chekhov’s iconic play The Seagull.

Kristen Kosmas
More Chekhov! Christopher Walken, on tour in Russia with a solo show inspired by everyone’s favorite Chekhovian sociopath, mysteriously falls off a ladder and is unable to perform. Karen, who apparently proofread the script once, is asked to go on in Walken’s place. A precarious bilingual performance duet ensues between Karen and her Russian interpreter, Leo.

Peggy Shaw
Peggy Shaw's tribute to those who have kept Shaw company over the last 68 years, a lament for the absence of those who disappeared into the dark holes left behind by her recent stroke, and a celebration that her brain is able to fill the blank green screens with new insight.

Annie Dorsen/Anne Juren
Magical, a collaboration between Juren (performer) and Dorsen (director), places the canon of historical feminist performance into the context of a magic show. Through the rituals of illusion, trickery, and transformation the audience is shown the contradictions of contemporary feminism, contemporary art by women, and the contemporary female body.

PS122 presents
COIL 2103
Various Venues
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