Saturday, January 05, 2013


Between 1977 and 1993 Stuart Sherman produced approximately 30 short films, the longest of which is 12 minutes (most clock in under three minutes, with several lasting only a matter of seconds). Critic J. Hoberman celebrated Sherman as an “ingenious editor” in ARTFORUM and noted “the movies resemble his one-man shows in their suggestive, rebuslike juxtaposition of gestures and props. There’s the same deadpan whimsy, but a greater degree of imagistic freedom.”

Anthology Film Archives will present two programs of film and video works by the late, great Stuart Sherman. 
  • Program One: twenty-something 16mm films all created between 1977 and 1993 and none running longer than 12 minutes.  The total program runs approximately 90 minutes total.  Program One: Friday, January 18th @ 7:30pm and Saturday, January 19th @ 6:30pm
  • Program Two:more than a dozen video works plus special selections from the Stuart Sherman collection at the Fales Library & Special Collections, NYU.  The total program runs approximately 85 minutes total.  Program Two is Saturday, January 19th @ 8:45pm
  • Program Three: Solo Spectacles including Tenth Spectacle, Twelfth Spectacle (Language) and excerpts from Eleventh Spectacle (The Erotic) and Eighth Spectacle (People's Faces). This program runs approximately 85 minutes. Program Three is Sunday, January 20th @ 6pm
  • Program Four: Group Spectacles including Second Spectacle and Eighth Spectacle.  Program Four is Sunday, January 20th @ 8:15pm and will run approximately 80 minutes.
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