Friday, April 05, 2013

Flashback Friday: SCRAMBLED FEET

Before there was Forbidden Broadway...there was Scrambled Feet.

Scrambled Feet  was an Off-Broadway musical parody of Broadway and the theater business.  Opening in June of 1979 (thanks Lortel Archive!) at the Top of the Gate on Bleecker Street, this hilarious musical revue ran for almost two years for a total of 831 performances.  It was written by John Driver and Jeffery Haddow, who also stared in the show along with Roger Neil and Evalyn Baron (and a duck named Hermione) who made up the original cast.  Baron was replaced during the run by a then unknown Faith Prince!

Unlike Forbidden Broadway, Scramble Feet wasn't parodies of then-running shows, but more general parodies of theatrical conventions like matinee ladies ("Theatre-party Ladies"), falling in love with cast mates ("Love in the Wings"), London imports ("British") and performing with animals ("Have You Ever Been On Stage?" - this is where the duck came in).  "Advice to the Producers" was the big, knock 'em dead number towards the end that really took the show to another level.

Scrambled Feet was the kind of sweet, small show that we don't really see any longer.

There are some tracks on You Tube:

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