Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Sundance Theater Lab

This year's Sundance Theater Lab has chosen some terrific artists to take part:
The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
By Adam Bock
Directed by Trip Cullman
"Meet the Colby sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Five sisters, 'It girls' slightly past their time, living in New York City, trying to figure out how to put up with each other. Family. What are you going to do?"

The Fre
By Taylor Mac
Directed by Lisa Peterson
"This project is part of Mac's Kothornos Festival (four plays that will premiere separately but ultimately be performed in an all-day festival mirrored after the Greek Dionysia). It is an all-ages play written in the form of Old Comedy. It is the story of an intellectual aesthete, who is trapped inside a mud pit in the middle of a swamp, and his desperate attempt at escaping the swamp's fatuous inhabitants who call themselves, the Fre."

Really Really Really Really Really
By Jackie Sibblies Drury
Directed by Dan Rothenberg
"Sibblies Drury's play centers on two women (the Mother and the Girlfriend of a conceptual artist who has vanished) leaving them to sort through his overwhelming body of work. It is a piece about artists, legacy and photography that asks about what we try to leave behind, what we actually leave behind, and how we deal with being left."

The Vengeance Project
By Paula Vogel
Directed by Rachel Taichman
"Vogel's latest play follows the circuitous path of Scholem Asch's play God of Vengeance from 1905 Warsaw to 1951 Stamford Connecticut. It chronicles a contentious work written by a young man during the Yiddish Renaissance: from the fights in the salon after its first reading in Warsaw to its triumph on Second Avenue New York—and onward to 1923 Broadway. What should be the pinnacle of the Yiddish theatre crossing over to the Great White Way becomes a spectacle of scandal: prosecution for obscenity, struggles over anti-Semitism, and oh yes, the first kiss between two women on the American stage. When does one fight to produce a manuscript? When does prudence dictate a manuscript stays in the drawer? And when should an author burn his/her own script?"

War is F**king Awesome
By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Liesl Tommy
"A politically incorrect action-comedy following the life of Unity Spencer, a young colonial girl imbued with immortality but cursed to fight in every American conflict from the American Revolution to present day and beyond."

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