Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Fringe Excellence Awards

Another Fringe Festival has ended.  Here are the winners of the Fringe Excellence Awards: 

Overall Play:
Kemble's Riot
Ndebele Funeral
Waiting For Waiting For Godot

Overall Musical:
Gertrude Stein Saints!
Save The Date: A Wedding Road-Trip Musical

Carol and Cotton - James Vculek
Down the Mountain and Across the Stream - Jake Shore
Kumrads Wont - Christina Michelle Watkins
The Rufus Equation - Ted Cubbin
Strange Rain - Lynda Crawford

Solo Performance:
En Avant: An Evening with Tennessee Williams
Human Fruit Bowl
Naked in Alaska
Talk to Me About Shame
What's an Anjan?

Count Down My Life
What Every Girl Should Know
The Young Olympians & The Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever

Book, Music & Lyrics:
Cowboys Don’t Sing: A Western Musical - Dennis Flynn, Johnny Kelley & T.J. 

Costume Design:
Joey Haws - The Nightmare "Dream"

Padraic Lillis - Bully
Lisa Oretenzi - Double Heart (The Courtship of Beatrice and Benedick)
Michelle Sutherland - Gertrude Stein Saints!

Allison Plamondon - Someone To Belong To

Lula del Ray

Remy Germinario - Bradley Cole: A Musical
Jonas Nerbe - William
Melissa Rosenberger - Carroll Gardens Aborning
Howie Michael Smith - America’s Breath of Fresh Air

TheaterMania Audience Favorite:
Perfectly Normel People

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