Friday, September 06, 2013

Kiss The Hole Goodbye!

We received an email this week announcing the closure of The Collapsable Hole, the scrappy artist-run space in Williamsburg. Run jointly by the people of Radiohole and The Collapsable Giraffe, it's probably amazing that it lasted 13 years. But it is still sad news. In January we mourned the loss of Horse Trade's Red Room and The Living Theater's space on Clinton Street. 

Of course there are a few new spaces to celebrate: JACK and the new space that Theater For A New Audience will open shortly, albeit on a different scale than the spaces mentioned previously. 

As CultureBot and The Brooklyn Commune Project have been arguing - things are broken and a new model is needed. 

There will be one final party/memorial service on Saturday, September 14th at 8pm - BYOB. 


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