Sunday, February 26, 2006

NY Times: Spring Theater Issue: 02/26/2006

In their “Nine to Watch” (people, that is) piece in the Arts & Leisure section today, Steven McElroy tells us to watch José Rivera. I don’t know where Mr. McElroy has been, but lots of people have been watching José Rivera for years. He’s won two OBIE awards, one for Marisol in 1993 and one for References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot in 2001. Last year José Rivera’s screenplay for The Motorcycle Diaries was nominated for an Academy Award. Earlier this season, LAByrinth Theater Company presented a workshop production of a new play by Rivera called Massacre (Sing To Your Children) which was excellent, by the way. Later this season, the LAB will co-produce (with The Public Theater) another new play by Rivera called School of the Americas in which Jon Ortiz will star as Che Guevara. I think José Rivera is one of our best contemporary playwrights and I’m glad for any attention the press gives to him. But, come on Steven McElroy…who else should we be watching…I hear this Tony Kushner guy may have a good play up his sleeve…

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