Thursday, February 23, 2006

Someone In The Ghost Box Told Me It Was You: 02/23/2006

OK, I love wacky titles. A good title will always grab my attention. It’s only February, but I think we have at least a finalist, if not an outright winner for best title of the year: Someone In The Ghost Box Told Me It Was You. I’ve seen two previous shows by the company Temporary Distortion and I admit that I am a total sucker for their instillation-like performances. They are sort of Beckett meets the Wooster Group. The texts are purposefully vague – this one is sort of a film within a film having something to do with a murdered girl and it’s partially in French. There are microphones, techno sounds, surveillance video and clips of a foreign language film. If it sounds a little pretentious, maybe it is. But I enjoy the ride. If I have one complaint it that the intentionally monotonous pace and line delivery does get a bit draining after about fifty minutes, but since the performance s is only a little over an hour – hang in there!

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