Friday, April 28, 2006

Letting Go of God: 04/28/2006

Julia Sweeney’s solo show, Letting Go of God, is the story of her quest for a belief system when religion looses its satisfaction. Beginning with a knock on her door by two Mormons going door-to-door and continuing through Bible study class, Eastern Beliefs and even Deepak Chopra, her story is very funny and ultimately deeply moving. With her Catholic upbringing, with its lack of emphasis on actually reading the Bible, Sweeney is truly shocked how vastly different the literal bible is from what she was taught to believe about Christianity. But, while the show is entertaining, it seems to be slightly over-written (perhaps it would be a better book) and because of this Sweeney doesn’t seem very natural telling her own story. And at two hours and twenty minutes it could use a little editing.

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