Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Lieutenant of Inishmore: 04/29/2006

Full Disclosure: I’m not a fan of Irish drama. Sean O'Casey, JM Synge, Lady Gregory – I just don’t get the appeal. To me it’s like watching a soap opera about Martians. And then there’s the contemporary playwright, Martin McDonagh, whose play The Pillowman I liked specifically because it was his least Irish. The Lieutenant of Inishmore has just moved to Broadway after a sold-out and well-reviewed production Off-Broadway by the Atlantic Theater Company and yet again I just don’t get it. There is only so long I can laugh at the idiocy of stupid people, or crazy people, or terrorists. From scene one the acting level is set at 11 (on a scale of one to ten) and only goes up from there; any hope of subtlety is surely lost. I will give the show credit for having some amazing stage effects – all involving gunshots and blood – the likes of which are usually reserved for film, but otherwise The Lieutenant of Inishmore seems to be all about shock value and a gross-out factor which compared to film it just can’t feckin' compete.

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