Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shining City: 05/07/2006

OK, I’m really not sure what to make of Shining City, the new Conor McPherson play being presented by Manhattan Theatre Club at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway. It’s a real puzzle of a play. A man shows up at a therapist’s office and tells him that’s he’s seen the ghost of his dead wife. Then you find out lots of background information about the therapist and his wife and a little more information and the widower and then it ends with a minor shock. I sat forward trying to figure out where this play was going for the entirety of its ninety-minute running time – but I’m not sure it was because it was interesting as much out of curiosity as to where this was all leading. In the end it doesn’t really lead anywhere spectacular – but it is a mildly entertaining ride – sort of like at an amusement park; albeit a cerebral one. Robert Falls has directed his cast admirably; but a big thumbs down to Santo Loquasto ridiculously overblown yet boring set. Overall it’s not bad, you just really have to be in the mood.

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