Thursday, July 13, 2006

Food for Fish: 07/13/2006

Fringe came early this year, by way of Sanctuary Playwrights Theatre’s production of Food for Fish by Adam Szymkowicz. The play is a contemporary update of Chekhov’s Three Sisters that takes place in Manhattan and has the famous siblings yearning to go to New Jersey. The sisters are now the agoraphobic, eldest Barbara (played by a very funny Luis Moreno) the perpetually dating middle sister, Alice, who is a scientist searching for the gene that causes love and romance, and the youngest sister and journalist, Sylvia. It’s still a year since their father has died, only they have yet to bury him and the odor is becoming a problem. Szymkowicz’ play is funny and promising and Ana Perea (as Alice) is wonderful, yet the play is not served well at all by this production. Alexis Poledouris’ clumsy staging, Gina Scherr’ bizarre lighting and some not very good performances seem like symptoms of a show that was not very thought out (typical Fringe traits) and this play deserves better.

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