Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Third Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival: 07/23/2006

Wow, I think I have a new favorite genre of theater: the ten-minute play. There is something very liberating in knowing that the play you are watching is not going to ramble endlessly or for at least an indeterminate amount of time. Knowing that the piece you are watching will run only ten minutes (give or take a few) allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy, free from the hostage-like feeling I’ve had at some evenings at the theater. Seven ten-minute plays are being performed as part of New York Collective for the Arts’ Third Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival. Most of the plays are comical, some are better written then others, and all are well directed and for the most part well acted and over all make for an entertaining program. Standouts include Semi-Autobiographical by Jonathan Karp, Invisible by Cliff Swain and Stephen Belber’s very funny Passive Belligerence. It’s a shame today was the final performance because more people should be able to enjoy this collection.

For More Info: New York Collective for the Arts

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