Thursday, August 17, 2006

BLUE BALLS: In & Out of Uniform with the NYPD: 08/17/2006

Imagine a world in which instead of having to pay for therapy, people paid you to watch you perform your therapy and the people that came to watch were called Fringe Audiences. This was the fantasy I was having towards the end of Michael Tester’s BLUE BALLS: In & Out of Uniform with the NYPD. BLUE BALLS is the story of Tester’s experience of growing up gay, joining and eventually leaving the New York City Police Department. All if this happens amid the supposed irony of Tester breaking away from the “family business” which is the entertainment industry (his father was a professional clown). The real irony is that Tester is no more suited to “entertainment” then he was to law enforcement and the real shame of the performance is that I think there was a real story to be told by Tester’s experiences and that even after 90 minutes at The Flea Theatre, I feel like that story was nowhere in sight.

Fringe Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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