Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Henry Kissinger: A Romantic Comedy: 08/16/2006

John Attanas’ Henry Kissinger: A Romantic Comedy is the story of A.J., his mother, and the many girls in his life from grade school through college, most of who were math tutors. The plays is comprised of many very short scenes between A.J. and his mother, A.J. and one of his tutors/love interests, and on only one occasion all three characters at once. Henry Kissinger, with these repetative, alternating scenes has all the dramatic structure of a tennis match; and the back and forth structure wears you out after about thirty minutes. The title comes from A.J.’s mother’s worship of the former Secretary of State and the pressure for her son to follow in his historic footsteps. Of the three-person cast, Ilana Becker in the multiple roles of A.J.’s romantic interests shows real promise; looking like a young Ellen Greene with all of her own comic timing.

Fringe Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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