Monday, September 18, 2006

I [Heart] Kant: 09/18/2006

The four women from New Jersey in Ken Urban’s I [Heart] Kant all seem to be at a crossroad in their lives. Whether it is drug addiction and an abusive boyfriend, dead-end jobs and depression, and unfinished dissertation on Kant, or a ticking bomb – things are about to change for Maureen, Betsy, Linda and Pam. Urban’s play shows us what leads up to the epiphany that is in store for each of these woman by way of some very clever, startlingly raw, and funny writing. The four leads are all very good. Lee Savage’s set is excellent. The major problem with I [Heart] Kant is with director Dylan McCullough slow-paced production. I can even admire his experiment, explained in the program notes, wherein each performance is different by way of changing lighting and music cues from night to night; although how this aids the play I’m not quite sure.

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