Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Uncertainty Principle: 09/20/2006

What is it about science and math that inspire playwrights; Copenhagen, The Five Hysterical Girls Theorem, Proof and QED are just a few that come to mind. Bethany Larsen’s The Uncertainty Principle uses Heisenberg's theory as a metaphor for the life and troubles of the lead character, Cassie, who has just lost everything she owns in a fire. The Uncertainty Principle is a clever play that will hopefully, one day, get the production it deserves. It’s current presentation, by The Milk Can Theatre Company, has some good things going for it – most notably a rich performance by Lauren Gleason as Cassie and a wonderfully comic performance by Judy Chesnutt as her Mother. Unfortunately the rest of the cast isn’t as interesting and the entire physical production suffers from a sense of drabness. Hopefully, though, we will see more of Larson’s work in the future.

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