Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Carrie: 12/27/2006

Theatre Couture's Carrie based on the famous Stephen King novel and the Brian de Palma film it inspired is a campy and funny good time. Of course Carrie tells of the fateful last few days of the awkward, telekinetic teenager Carrie White leading up to her apocalyptic night at her senior prom. Here, Carrie is played by Keith Levy (aka drag performer Sherry Vine) in a dramatically restrained hilarious performance. Levy's co-stars are mostly hysterically first rate, including Kate Goehring (doing an excellent send-up of Piper Laurie as Carrie's religious fanatic mother), Kathy Searle (as Christine – the mean girl), Keri Meoni (as Norma – the dumb-blond friend), Danielle Skraastad (as Miss Gardner, the gym teacher) and Matthew Wilkas (as Tommy – the prom date). Only a mis-cast Marnye Young, as Sue Snell, doesn't rise to the ridiculous occasion. But, the special effects and puppets by the wonderful Basil Twist don't fail to disappoint. Although I'm a little surprised that Eric Jackson's adaptation didn't fine even more humor given such rich source material, Carrie is still well worth a trip to PS122. Given the standing room only crowd tonight, I can't believe the last performance is December 30th.

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