Thursday, December 28, 2006

NYT: New Trend or No Openings?

So, let's hope it's a new trend at The New York Times and not just that there are few openings this week between Christmas and the New Year - but have you noticed the plethora of theater NEWS stories this week? And many of these are non-Broadway news stories to boot! Just in case you missed them, they included:
  • news on a new Paul McCartney musical
  • a tribute to the 90th anniversary of Eugene O'Neill's New York debut
  • news on a new production of In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel by Tennessee Williams
  • a new translation/production of Antigone at LaMama
  • casting news on the Broadway production of Talk Radio
If I remember correctly, when the paper of record announced the demise of the Friday "On Stage and Off" column, they promised that there would be more regular "news" stories, as news occurred. Maybe they are keeping that promise?

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