Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Lacy Project: 07/26/2007

As the performances at the Soho Think Tank's Ice Factory are workshops, I'm going to give The Lacy Project constructive criticism: realize work works in your piece and run with it and realize what doesn't and toss it. The when the high points happen in The Lacy Project they are GREAT! A “Raggedy Ann” type doll describing playing with her male anatomy (as performed by Alexis McGuinness) is shockingly hilarious. Actress Molly Ward is brilliant in every moment she is on stage playing a spoiled white-wrapper junkie. When she's not in a scene you want her back. The premise of Alena Smith's play is also to be placed in the “what works” column. Lacy's mom is a famous photographer who has taken her photo (wearing a red ribbon) on her birthday every year. The play takes place on her 22nd birthday as she prepares for her mother's arrival. I think the biggest problem with the production is Susanna Gellert's direction. Aside from a nicely staged musical number, much of the scenes and the transitions from reality to fantasy either drag or just don't ever come together. The play itself could use some trimming and the resolution between Lacy and her roommate seems forced at best. But there is much to like about The Lacy Project – I hope it comes together eventually.

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upallnight said...

I loved this show. I agree that the play could use some cutting, especially in the scenes between Lacy and her roommate. I thought the acting was really good--the actors were on fire, the comedy was lively, but no one shied away from the play's darker edge. I disagree with your comment about the director. The actors were alive in that kitchen, very connected to the language and the story. And the moments of fantasy, including the musical number and the scenes with the dolls, were lovely.
It was a very elegant and powerful production--beautifully staged and exciting to watch.