Friday, July 20, 2007

STRETCH: a fantasia: 07/19/2007

What's it like to be a footnote in history? Ask Rose Woods, President Nixon's loyal secretary who was responsible for the erasing several minutes of the infamous Nixon Audio Tapes that were central to the Watergate scandal. Woods is the central character in New Georges' production of STRETCH: a fantasia which is being workshopped as part of the Ice Factory summer series at the Ohio Theatre. The play, written by New Georges Artistic Director Susan Bernfield is set in the final days of Rose Woods' life at a nursing home in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election. It's a smart and funny show at the center of which is a terrific performance by Kristin Griffith as Rose. The production, directed by Emma Griffin is excellent with music by Rachel Peters, performed live by Peter Ajemian, Dan Bartfield, Kate Kelly, Phil Smith. I look forward to a future full production of this play.

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