Monday, August 13, 2007

Bash'd: A Gay Rap Opera - 8/13/2007

Bash'd: A Gay Rap Opera Fringe Review FringeNYCBash'd is subtitled “a gay rap opera” and it really is! Written and performed by Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow is a morality tale of homophobia and revenge and tolerance. Told almost exclusively in rhymes by rappers T-Bag and Feminem, it's a smart, funny and moving show that goes a long way in making a case for hip hop musical theater. Much credit must go to director Ron Jenkins; the show is tight - flowing effortlessly from song to song and the actors shifting from character to character (to narrator). The music, by Aaron Macri, using samples from many personal favorite 80's songs, is a highlight of the show. But, ultimately, the limitations of the wrap style of the authors weighs down the fun and my one criticism of Bash'd is the lack of variety in the songs. With that slight improvement, Bash'd could be a masterpiece. As it is now, though, it's still damn good.

Fringe Rating: 9/10

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