Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dressing Miss Julie - 8/14/2007

What's in a gimmick? In the best circumstances a good gimmick can highlight a point or underscore an issue; in the worst circumstances a gimmick is a shallow attention-getting device with no relation to the work at hand. Dressing Miss Julie has a hell of a gimmick – in the best sense of the word. At any point during the performance, any audience member can ring a bell at either side of the stage at which point the two actors on stage (one male and one female) exchange the roles of Jean and Julie in Strindberg's famous play. Both actors handle the parts and the gimmick with professional ease and good sportsmanship! Kull and Perkins are also credited with the fun adaptation in the spirit of Charles Ludlum. Although the bell-ringing and role changing does grow tiresome by evening's end, Dressing Miss Julie is a smart, fun Fringe show!

Fringe Rating: 8/10

For Tickets: www.fringenyc.org
For Info: www.myspace.com/dressingmissjulie

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