Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PN 1923.45 LS01 Volume 2 (The Book Play) - 8/15/2007

I really like unusual titles, so I had to check out PN 1923.45 LS01 Volume 2 (The Book Play) and I'm glad I did. It's a time-trippy tale of two couples: a male/female couple from 1951 and a gay couple from 1981 and the book that brings them together. Bixby Elliot's play examines numerous subjects – many of which are not often tacked and handles it all well although I do think the play could use some editing. Marguerite Stimpson is excellent as the 50's librarian and the always fabulous Everett Quinton is terrific as the man who sort of brings it all together. Aside for some slow pacing of scene transitions Stephen Brackett directs the play well. All in all PN 1923.45 LS01 Volume 2 (The Book Play) is worth checking out.

Fringe Rating: 7/10

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