Thursday, November 27, 2008

2006 Thanksgiving Post

I wrote this post on Thanksgiving, 2006, but I find it still 100% accurate...


1. Soho Rep: Some of my most favorite theater experiences have been at Soho Rep. Such great productions as Mac Wellman’s Dracula and Swoop, Len Jenkin’s Careless Love and Dark Ride, Wendy MacLeod’s The House of Yes, Melissa James Gibson’s [sic] and Suitcase, Madelyn Kent’s Peninsula and most recently The Thugs by Adam Bock make Soho Rep my personal favorite theater company in nyc . Julian Webber and Daniel Aukin were both excellent Artistic Directors – here’s wishing the best to new Artistic Director Sarah Benson.

2. Richard Foreman: Pretty much annually since 1968, Richard Foreman has been creating his unique, smart, intellectual works for the stage. It wouldn’t seem like January without a new work from Foreman. I've seen everything he's done since I've Got The Shakes, often numerous times, and wouldn't dream of missing one.

3. Wooster Group: Elizabeth LeCompte, Kate Valk and the other artists of The Wooster Group have created some of the most innovative works of theater you could ever wish to see. Precisely executed and superbly designed pieces that are unforgettable.

4. Pavol Liska: Pavol Liska is certainly at the forefront of the next generation of GREAT theater artists in the tradition of Richard Foreman and The Wooster Group. I was hooked on Liska from the very first piece of his a saw, Train Station – presented as part of the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre’s Blueprint Series – and have seen almost everything he has done since. He is finally starting to get the wide recognition he deserves.

5. just celebrated their 10th anniversary. I love Martin Denton’s mission to support emerging theater artists by covering work that may otherwise go without any media coverage. It is one of the sites I check on a daily basis, often just to browse what is currently happening or what will be coming soon off-off Broadway.

6. FringeNYC: Also celebrating a 10th anniversary, I love the New York International Fringe Festival for the palpable energy it creates around NYC Theater each August, allowing hundreds of (mostly) young theater artists a chance to create theater affordably.

7. OBIE Awards – Awards without nominations alone makes the OBIE Awards special. Looking over a list of past OBIE winners is incredible ; it’s like a who’s who of everyone important in NYC theater.

8. Michael Feingold – Michael Feingold is the smartest theater critic currently working. I feel as though I’m smarter myself after reading his essays for the Village Voice. I love how he can review two works that seem completely different and find the unimagined commonalities.

9. PS122 – For over 20 years, PS122 has been the home to NYC most important independent performers and theater companies. From performers like Ethyl Eichelberger and Spaulding Gray to Karen Finley and Tim Miller and companies like Big Art Group, Elevator Repair Service and Radiohole, PS122 has played an important role in the history of alternative theater.

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