Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Astronome: A Night At The Opera

Richard Foreman and John Zorn Join Forces With Astronome: A Night At The Opera

This is the historic first time collaboration for these two MacArthur geniuses who have, individually, challenged, enlightened and entertained adventurous audiences for years. Astronome: A Night At The Opera is a work dominated by ecstatic groans, grunts and babbling, and explores the initiation of a group of people into a world where ambiguous behavior alone leads to freedom--perhaps under the tutelage of the necessary "false messiah."

Rehearsals just started! Watch the live video, streamed by free103point9 Transmission Arts every Wednesday, 10a.m.--4:30p.m.

Richard Foreman and John Zorn's
Astronome: A Night At The Opera
February 5th through April 5th
At The Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church
131 East 10th Street, NYC

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doug marino said...

hey there. love your blog. oob never gets enough press! i've put a link on MY blog to yours... hope you can do the same. looking forward to "following" yours. ~doug~