Friday, August 21, 2009

FringeNYC 2009 Recommendations

With the 2009 Fringe at the half-way point, here are the shows I can personally recommend:

  • VIRAL: Mac Rogers' smart and creepy play about a woman who wants to commit suicide and the three people who want to help her...oh, and video tape it. Amy Lynn Stewart gives a tremendous performance! For tickets and info: or

  • CITIZEN RUTH: A musical adaptation of the brilliant film of the same name. Expertly directed with a very good cast that includes the wonderful Annie Golden! For tickets and info: or (you can listen to some of the music on the Citizen Ruth site!).

  • NOTES FROM THE LAND OF EARTHQUAKE + FIRE: Jason Schafer's good (if flawed) play is given an excellent production by Schafer himself, who also directs. Ian Scott McGregor gives a deep and varied performance as Chad, a Hollywood assistant. For tickets and info: or

  • THE EVENT: Fringe founder John Clancy wrote and directed this one-person play that explores theater, the conventions of theater and the roles we all play. I've been a fan of Clancy's for years, but for me this is most mature and perhaps best work to date. BRAVO! For tickets and info: or
One week to go...

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