Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Left of the Provincetown Playhouse

This is all that remains of the historic Provincetown Playhouse on MacDougal Street. The facade of the once home of the Provincetown Players is all that still stands. I guess we should be lucky that NYU will preserve the facade of this historic site, but Ludlow is still outraged that this supposed institution of learning is turning Greenwich Village into a collection of ugly dorms and undistinguished buildings.


Patrick Lee said...

I saw that too while on my way to The Players Loft. Sad about the loss but also sad that too few voices rose up in protest when this went down.

Ludlow Lad said...

I totally agree that more people should have been more upset by this a while ago, but with wars and health care and a the economy in the shape it's in I can also understand why more people can't care about this too much. The bigger question is why wasn't this a landmark? Certainly the entire West Village is a historic district. I think the people who's job it IS to worry about this stuff should make sure NYU doesn't just march all over existing regulations.