Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A "Heads Up": 2 shows by Clancy Productions

It’s rare that you get a second chance at an Off-Off Broadway show, no less two. PS122 is presenting two shows directed by John Clancy (who just received a well-deserved OBIE award on Monday for Sustained Excellence of Direction). Brian Parks’ hilarious double bill AMERICANA ABSURDUM and Greg Allen, Benjamin Schneider and Danny Thompson’s hilariously-titled THE COMPLETE LOST WORKS OF SAMUEL BECKETT AS FOUND IN A DUSTBIN IN PARIS IN AN ENVELOPE (PARTIALLY BURNED) LABELED: NEVER TO BE PERFORMED. NEVER. EVER. EVER! OR I'LL SUE! I'LL SUE FROM THE GRAVE!!! will run in rep from June 6th - June 25th - Don’t miss either one!

For Info: PS122

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