Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 FringeNYC Encore Series


After Anne Frank
"...though Anne Frank died before I was born, she keeps re-appearing in my life
teaching me new things about being Jewish and being part of the human family."
A funny and touching memoir from Carol Lempert, the creator/performer of the
FringeNYC hit That Dorothy Parker.
Sat 9/10 @ 4:30pm, Sat 9/17 @ 4, Wed 9/21 @ 8pm, Fri 9/23 @ 9:30pm

facebook me
6 MILLION teenage girls are on Facebook. Get ready for a shockingly real look
into our lives as we navigate our adolescence online...where status is more than
an update. It's 10pm. Do you know who your daughter is?
Sun 9/11 @ 2pm, Sat 9/17 @ 2pm, Sun 9/18 @ 2pm, Sat 9/24 @ 9:30pm, Sun 9/25 @

The More Loving One
An underage sex trial shakes up the lives of two couples--- one gay, one
straight--- on a summer weekend in a steamy college town. A sharp and
provocative new comedy about the uncertainties of lust and commitment.
Sun 9/11 @ 7:30pm, Wed 9/14 @ 9pm, Tue 9/20 @ 8pm, Thu 9/22 @ 9:30pm, Mon 9/26 @

Fourteen Flights
Two pilots on the brink of madness. Up in the air, clear skies. But down on
the ground, their personal lives spiral out of control. Will they reach the
horizon or crash and burn?
Mon 9/12 @ 8pm, Tue 9/13 @ 8pm, Thu 9/15 @ 9:30pm, Fri 9/16 @ 9pm, Sun 9/18 @

PigPen Presents The Mountain Song
2010 FringeNYC Overall Excellence winners and runaway hit PigPen Theatre Co.
return with "The Mountain Song". A carpenter must travel over mountains, rivers,
and deserts to attend his daughter’s wedding… without a clue as to where it's
taking place.
Wed 9/14 @ 7pm, Sat 9/17 @ 9:30pm, Sun 9/19 @ 8pm, Sat 9/24 @ 5pm, Sun 9/25 @


Paper Cut
A lonely secretary escapes her bleak reality by bringing to life black&white
photos from old film magazines. But as the story unravels, her romantic tale
becomes a Hitchcock nightmare! An award winning performance of paper and object
Fri 9/9 @ 7pm, Sat 9/10 @ 5pm, Sun 9/11 @ 7:30pm, Mon 9/12 @ 8pm, Tue 9/13 @

You Only Shoot The Ones You Love
Find out how acclaimed playwright Jeffrey Sweet found a second family in
improvisational comedy, including a crazy uncle named Del Close, and
inadvertently became the illegitimate grandfather of the Upright Citizens
Brigade. With special regards to the Cossacks for not quite killing my
Fri 9/9 @ 9:30pm, Wed 9/14 @ 7pm, Thu 9/15 @ , Fri 9/16 @ 10pm

In post-apartheid South Africa, Bongani hurtles toward destruction. Corinne,
from an activist Jewish family, thinks she can rescue him, and her struggling
country. Bongani thinks she should rescue herself. The mesmerizing tale of a
love that could never be.
Sat 9/17 @ 4:30pm, Sun 9/18 @ 5pm, Mon 9/19 @ 8pm, Wed 9/21 @ 8pm

Who Loves You Baby?
Directed by Taylor Negron, this comic lounge act celebrates the romantic musings
of 70's icon, Telly Savalas, who has returned from the grave to give the
cynical hipsters of today a good kick in the pants.
Sun 9/18 @ 7:30pm, Tue 9/20 @ 8pm, Thu 9/22 @ 8pm, Sun 9/25 @ 7:30pm


I Will Be Good
A southern girl raised to conform dares to be different. Surviving scandal and
depression, stalked by God, this ex-belle makes a witty, poignant journey from
successful executive to struggling artist that resonates with all. A good story
about bad behavior.
Fri 9/9 @ 7pm, Sun 9/11 @ 4pm, Sat 9/24 @ 5pm, Sun 9/25 @ 6pm

Joyce's Dubliners come to life in popular song: 15 stories in 15 songs. Soaring
voices and chamber ensemble transform gut-wrenching vignettes into tales of
redemption. From eastern-flavored Araby to gospel pastiche Grace to The Dead,
beauty, joy and catharsis beckon.
Sat 9/10 @ 5pm, Sun 9/11 @ 6pm, Sun 9/18 @ 7pm, Mon 9/19 @ 7pm

Felony Friday
A notorious crime boss is locked up with the city's worst. He has a visitor, the
man he murdered 48hrs earlier. Justice is blind, but the devil sees all.
Starring Jon Amos (of TV's Good Times).
Sat 9/10 @ 7:30pm, Sun 9/11 @ 8pm, Tue 9/13 @ 7:30pm, Thu 9/15 @ 9:30pm

Pearl's Gone Blue
The 1940's South. Even the Gospel church is hot. But that's nothing compared to
the temperature rise when bluesman Beau comes to town. Sellulah Pearl's got her
sights on more than his guitar. But who will sing the last note?
Fri 9/9 @ 9:30pm, Fri 9/16@ 9:30pm, Mon 9/19 @ 9pm, Sun 9/25 @ 8pm

The Legend of Julie Taymor,or The Musical That Killed Everybody!
World premiere rock musical comedy based on the rise and fall of director Julie
Taymor and the behind-the-scenes scandals of Spider-Man. Will the biggest
Broadway musical in history be saved... or become a Greek tragedy?
Wed 9/14 @ 7pm, Thu 9/15 @ 7pm, Fri 9/16 @ 7pm, Sat 9/17 @ 7pm, Sat 9/17 @

Parker & Dizzy's Fabulous Journey to the End of the Rainbow
If Wizard of Oz had a foursome with Star Wars, Thelma & Louise and Da Vinci
Code, its offspring would be this hilarious musical adventure. Dead bodies! Drag
queens! Clones! The gay holy grail! May the Fierce be with them.
Wed 9/14 @ 9:30pm, Sun 9/18 @ 9pm, Wed 9/21 @ 9pm, Fri 9/23 @ 7pm, Sat 9/24 @

COBU - Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing
Founded by YAKO MIYAMOTO, from the hit STOMP and the Hollywood movie "COBU 3D",
this all-girl "TAIKO" drum group mixes traditional with funk and hip-hop for
performances like you've never seen before. Come feel their girl power and
heart beat!!
Sat 9/17 @ 5pm, Sat 9/24 @ 3:30pm

Right or wrong, what does it matter? Only the movies are black and white.
Sun 9/18 @ 4pm, Tues 9/20 @ 7pm, Thu 9/22 @ 7pm

Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin' Rock Opera
MTV's reality phenomenon "Jersey Shore" gets the rock opera treatment in this
brand new musical parody. Behind all the fist pumping and fighting, it turns out
all these guidos and guidettes really care about is love, family, and gettin'
it in.
Wed 9/21 @ 7pm, Thu 9/22 @ 10pm, Fri 9/23 @ 10:30pm, Sat 9/24 @ 8pm, Sun 9/25 @

Sunday, August 28, 2011

FringeNYC 2011 Announces Overall Excellence Award Winners

Overall Production/Play:

PigPen Presents The Mountain Song
The More Loving One

Overall Production/Musical:

Yeast Nation
Pearl's Gone Blue


Jennifer Barnhart (The Legend of Julie Taymor,or The Musical That Killed Everybody!)
Ryan Barry (In the Summer Pavilion)
Miles Cooper (Elysian Fields)
Patrick Byas (Sammy Gets Mugged)
Casey McClellan (My Name Is Billy)
Brian Charles Rooney (Winner Takes All)
Lauren Hennessy (Ampersand: A R&J Love Story)


Nicholas Billon (Greenland)
A.D. Penedo (The Three Times She Knocked)
Bella and the Pool Boy (Dennis Flanagan)

Music Composition:

Chris Rael (Araby)
Dusty Brown (The Ballad of Rusty and Roy)


Jersey Shoresical
The Bardy Bunch: The War of the Families Partridge and Brady
Crawling with Monsters

Costume Design:

Stephanie Alexander (Le Gourmand, or Gluttony!)
Mark Richard Caswell (Parker and Dizzy’s Fabulous Journey to the End of the Rainbow)
Tara DeVincenzo (Technodulia Dot Com)


Greg Foro (Hamlet)
Joshua Kahan Brody (Fourteen Flights)
Alaska Reece Vance (The Disorientation of Butterflies)

Solo Performance:

The Day the Sky Turned Black
Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!
Paper Cut
Heroes and Other Strangers


When the Sky Breaks 3D

Video Design:

Cinty Ionescu (Nils' Fucked Up Day)

TheaterMania Audience Favorite Award:

COBU - Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing

Winners of the 2011 FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards, as selected by an independent panel of nearly 50 theater professionals.