Monday, October 30, 2006

The Fortune Teller: 10/30/2006

Marionettes make for such interesting performers. Every tilt of the head and gesture of the arm become instilled with meaning and every slip of the wrist and tangled wire just serve to underline the tension that is present in all live performance, but that we sometimes forget. Erik Sanko's The Fortune Teller is a gothic marionette tale of fate, fortune and justice. Seven benefactors are called to the reading of a will at which a mysterious fortuneteller proceeds to describe each of their fates. The seven include a gluttonous chief, an envious optometrist, a lustful ventriloquist – oh, well, you get the idea… Sanko’s Edward Gorey-like marionettes are each masterful works of art. No less wonderful is Selin Maner’s mansion in which the piece is performed. And Gavin Friday’s superb narration rival’s Boris Karloff’s narration of How the Grinch Stole Christmas in the Narration Hall of Fame. The Fortune Teller is the perfect Halloween show that I hope will become an annual tradition.

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