Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Toys in the Attic: 02/06/2007

Lillian Hellman's Toys in the Attic is a strange play. It's part Suddenly Last Summer and part Rasin in the Sun. It's as melodramatic as can be and yet has some bits of wisdom, emotion and insanity, hints of incest and morphine use . Austin Pendleton's production for The Pearl Theatre Company is mostly very respectable and his cast is generally excellent. Rachel Botchan, Robin Leslie Brown, Ivy Vahanian and Joanne Camp to a fine job and Sean McNall is outstanding. Although Act One starts out a little too slow and Act Three gets slightly messy, Act Two is simply remarkable. Overall, it's a pleasure to see this odd play given life on St. Marks Place. I'd love to see The Pearl tackle The Children's Hour one day soon.

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